Indoor Pool for Dogs - Fun, Exercise, & Therapy
On Dorchester, just 2.5 miles from 526 in North Charleston, South Carolina

**Holiday Open House/Photos with Santa**

Please click here to see the details for our open house on Saturday, December 3rd. All proceeds benefit HF Help Animal Rescue.

Wag-n-Splash is a private indoor swimming pool where your dog can play, get exercise, and more!

Secluded in a casual and welcoming environment, Wag-n-Splash provides a heated salt water system pool which is large enough to accommodate dogs for fun, exercise, and therapy! The natural buoyancy of water greatly reduces stress on bones and joints, while providing the resistance needed for muscle building. That's why so many veterinarians recommend swimming for dogs that have arthritis or hip dysplasia, are in post-surgical recovery, or simply need a healthy, high-energy workout as an alternative or in addition to regular walks and play.

All swimming sessions are private and by appointment only. Swimming one dog at a time allows us to offer the best service and highest level of safety to you and your dog. We take every precaution to ensure your swimming adventure at Wag-n-Splash will be fun, memorable, and beneficial for everyone. We do offer group swims for families with multiple dogs. Wide steps or our non-slip ramp allow your dog easy access to the pool. The pool is maintained at 86 degrees for comfort. Canine life-jackets are provided for all dogs.

Even if your dog has a fear of swimming or is not structurally designed for it, we work patiently with him to re-assure him. We have developed a system that has helped countless dogs learn how to swim and/or overcome their fear of water. Most dogs enjoy and need positive encouragement from their owners, so you are welcome to hang out with us on the pool deck.

Here are some of our happy swimmers!!
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Indoor Pool for Dogs
Fun, Exercise, and Therapy
Heated, Saltwater System
Mon-Sat, By Appointment Only
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